Our Story

Celebrating Motherhood since 2016

We are Word To The Mother… and the 2 little chaps on our shoulders are the reason we are here today.

Our journey started in 2016. As retail buyers on maternity leave we had a joint love for finding gorgeous independent brands for our little ones and ourselves. It was a whole new world of buying for us to discover as new mums.

It became clear quite quickly that our most loved pieces were always from small independent brands, who, when we got to know them, we discovered were run by mums themselves. Mums, who had had little ones and had started their own businesses, often whilst on maternity leave. 

They were businesses based on a passion. A passion for beautiful, unique product; and a passion to try and give their little ones a better life. To us it represented what modern family living is all about. Where we strive for flexible working, willing it to work for ourselves and our little ones and hopefully have a great time doing it. We were inspired.

We hosted our first ever Pop Up Market and Social in November 2016 with a hareem of our favourite mum brands in East London, Since then we have hosted a number of markets and family events across London, giving these brilliant brands a platform.

In 2017 the bubble of maternity leave popped. For both of us that meant back to the reality of corporate work life and motherhood balance- a juggling act Jude is still performing to this day. Meanwhile,  after a short return to work trying to cram a six day job into four days and never seeing my little chap, I decided to throw caution to the wind and concentrate on Word To The Mother full time.  Since then, I've opened two pop up shops in East London showcasing and celebrating some of the best small family run brands in the UK.

That brings us to today… and the Shop-Family-Social edit.

Word To The Mother's main aim is to curate products and experiences that inspire families, whilst giving beautiful, unique, affordable, considered, family run brands a platform.  I hope I can help you shop smarter for a better future for your little ones, from a glorious edit of independent family run brands. You are supporting a dream.

Anah x